ONHP Construction Management Department confidently continues implementing construction project at Omsk Refinery several facilities and congratulates construction contractors, ONHP civil engineers and all the people involved into construction industry on their professional holiday, Builder's Day.

09 August 2020

     Magazine is published in Russian, English and Chinese and this issue is dedicated to the development of oil industry in Eurasia.
     Igor Mikhailovich ZUGA, ONHP Chief Executive Officer, gave a detailed interview to The Eurasian, where he shared the idea of creating Industry-based Engineering Center in the Republic of Kazakhstan, answered journalists' questions on the training of engineering personnel, investment in R&D and what is ONHP today.

21 July 2020

NIPIGAZ JSC highly appreciated ONHP activities focused on Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE). Based on the work results within the first quarter of 2020, ONHP has taken the first place among other contractors.

09 April 2020

Independent assessment of Urals Scientific Research Institute of Metrology which is branch of All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Metrology named after D. I. Mendeleev confirmed the high quality of ONHP Test & Lab Center technical competence.

09 April 2020

ONHP departments heads and specialists completed training “Introduction to ISO 45001:2018. Internal auditor of professional health and safety management systems”.

11 March 2020

ONHP men congratulated all women on upcoming holiday glorifying spring and beauty – International Women’s Day. Working day started with colorful flowers, sweet-sounding songs and warmest greetings.

06 March 2020

Students of Atyrau University of Oil and Gas arrived in Omsk to undergo internship at ONHP. This can be recognized as the first step in implementing the project to create Republican Engineering Center in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The concept of the center was announced within the 16th Russia-Kazakhstan Forum of Interregional Cooperation held in Omsk in November 2019. The center shall become a unique platform of competencies transfer.  

03 March 2020

Zero accident as one of performance targets has been again successfully reached by ONHP in 2019 confirming high quality of occupational health and safety system implemented in the company. To ensure compliance with the requirements of work-related fatalities, injuries and illnesses regulations all ONHP departments are coordinated by specially assigned Occupational Safety Protection Committee.

17 February 2020

“This race is associated with fresh air, good mood, opportunity to try your hands, to become a part of one big team,” company representatives participating in the ski race said.

11 February 2020