30 June 2015 в 16:00
Season 1 Interns Summary Concert

2015 Season 1 of summer on-the-job-training for ONHP Young Professionals was summarized and the rating was announced in the course of a Summary Concert held on June 30, 2015.

Overall rating results were as follows:

Mr. Gleb V. Presnov, 10 Grade student, School No. 45, Supervisor – Mr. Vyacheslav V. Ivanov, Inter-Disciplines Engineering Department, took the First Place.

Mr. Alexander A. Prokopev, 10 Grade Student, School No. 45, Supervisor – Ms. Elena V. Bazhenova, Civil Engineering Department No. 2, took the Second Place.

Ms. Anastasia K. Shmygleva, 10 Grade Student, School No. 45, Supervisor - Ksenia V. Kukushkina, Quality Control and Standardization Department, took the Third Place.

Mr. Oleg E. Mashtaler, 10 A Grade Student, School No. 9, Supervisor – Mr. Alexander A. Kuznetsov, Electrical Engineering Department, became the winner of the Poetry Contest in a foreign language.

In the course of a one-month-ONHP-internship, school students got acquainted with ONHP departments’ activity, performed a set of assignments from production departments, got a chance to improve their foreign language and software application skills. Participation in "School-University-Company" program is primarily an invaluable experience to make the right choice of future profession.

Although all professions are important, 2015 Season 1 Summary Concert was held under the motto "I want to be an engineer!"