21 December 2016 в 12:38
Celebrating New Year at ONHP

On 29-30 December, 2016, New Year festivities will be held at PAO OMSKNEFTEKHIMPROEKT (ONHP) including morning performance for children and evening performance for ONHP staff members.

Decorating offices, drawing colorful posters and participating in artistic performances – all these are a part of ONHP longstanding New Year tradition. Contest committee evaluates ONHP departments and awards gifts to the best ones. The rest of the staff will do their best to take over the leadership the next year. As for the children, they always share their cute handicrafts and drawings with adults and Father Frost always presents them with sweets, toys and books. Pre-New Year events will be finished with cheerful celebrations for children and ONHP staff members.

A portion of creativity from children and adults is already waiting for the audience at ONHP first floor lobby. Do not hesitate to follow the photo reports at soon you will have an opportunity to discover valuable tricks for decorating your office from ONHP’s specialists and have a look at their New Year performances.