Urban Development Zoning

Tue, 10/05/2021 - 12:00 -- kmv

Urban Development Zoning – zoning of municipality areas to define its zones and to set urban development regulations.

Land Zones – zones, which boundaries are defined in Rules for Land Use and Development and Urban Development Regulations are set.

Urban Development Regulation - the types of permitted use of land plots within the boundaries of relevant land zone as well as everything that is above and below the surface of land plots and is used during its development and further operation of capital construction facilities, land plots’ limit size (minimum and (or) maximum) and limiting parameters of permitted construction, reconstruction of capital construction facilities, restrictions on the use of land plots and capital construction facilities and integrated and sustainable territory envisaged  within its boundary, minimal limit estimates of municipal, transport and social infrastructures provision and maximum limit estimates of approachability of listed facilities for population.