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Since 2001 ONHP has been carrying out programme School-University-Company that now unites many schools, not only the affiliated ones, and higher educational institutions. In the affiliated schools students of the 10th form and higher can join engineering classes to undertake an advanced course of profession-oriented subjects such as Algebra, Geometry, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science and Drawing as well as foreign languages.

For the purpose of carrying out efficiently the School-University-Company programme ONHP has signed cooperation agreements with the Ministry of Education of Omsk region and the Department of Education of Omsk region administration; the latter makes ONHP a general sponsor of academic competitions in engineering subjects held on the city, regional, national and international levels for the students of the city and regional schools.

The children not only do their work and perform tasks given by the Company departments but also take part in the corporate events of the institute, study the activity of the Russian and foreign customers and partners of ONHP. A rating of students and schools is formed based on the results of the practical training. The school students regularly get letters of appreciation and prizes during solemn school assemblies dedicated to the Knowledge Day.

The students undertake a paid practical training and externship giving them a chance to acquire both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the course of studies. The students have an appointed supervisor from the Company (a young specialist) helping them and guiding them both in their work and studies. The number of students undertaking an internship at ONHP is growing with years at an average of 30%. The best students get an opportunity to be employed with a flexible schedule at structural units of the institute that accelerates the process of professional adaptation of these future potential specialists of the Company. After their graduation from a higher education institution, the most promising students get a reference to participate in the competitive selection for the employment at ONHP.

The Company specialists annually visit the presentations of theses written by the students of the basic specialities of higher educational institutions, members of the programme. The best graduates of higher educational institutions get a chance to take part in the competitive selection for the employment at open positions of the Company.

The Company pays special attention to the professional adaptation of young specialists actively helping their professional development. There is a three-year programme of professional adaptation designed for young specialists:

— during all period they have an appointed supervisor selected among experienced institute members;

— the Company uses a system of pass-fail exams: for three years young specialists annually take pass-fail examinations in conformity with their level of professional adaptation,

— a rating is formed based on the pass-fail examinations results: the young specialist who takes the first place in the rating is promoted to a higher category anticipatorily;

— young specialists also play the role of supervisors for school and university students (we have already mentioned this before) and have a proactive position in the social and political life of the institute.

The Company has formed the Organization of Young Specialists, gave life to the operating Council of Young Specialists elected annually, the Company also establishes the programme of development and budget for the Organization of Young Specialists. The created conditions help the new members of the team not only to integrate successfully but to develop their professional and leadership skills, reveal their scientific and technical potential, define their aims of professional development according to the development strategy of the Company. 

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