Young specialists admission ceremony

Here comes … the young specialist of our institute!

It seems that only recently our boys and girls celebrated their graduation from universities, received congratulations and boasted with their diplomas. And now they are young specialists of ONHP with a wide road in front of them leading to professional achievements and promotion. During annual young specialists admission ceremony we all had a change to get more acquainted with them.

Creative approach any time and everywhere!

This year the admission ceremony was boisterous and joyful. Young specialists divided into four teams representing four seasons and date of employment (from 2009 to 2012). Creative performances, songs and presentations proved to the audience that yesterday students today have a very pro-active attitude, are keen on music, “Club of Funny and Inventive” shows, video editing. They know how to be true friends and how to help their colleagues. Moreover, each of them aims at serious results in their profession. The presentation of young specialists work was quite useful and informative. They already had a chance to participate in significant projects for Russian and International petrochemical companies. Most of these young specialists have demonstrated their achievements at forums and conferences and are eager to develop their scientific potential.



New comers are in favor!

The first task for newcomers is to integrate into new team and become its essential and integral part. They shall join the ranks of specialists that everybody can be proud of and rely on! It’s quite difficult to meet this challenge without support of experienced colleagues. Therefore, here in ONHP we pay special attention to supervision and counseling.  It is no coincidence that at young specialists admission ceremony a lot has been said about veterans and experienced workers. For the “new generation” they shall be a great example showing how the program of cooperating with young specialists and personnel policy is implemented.  Department heads received the flags “Best councilor of 2012”. A rating of young specialists was arranged. The winners got what they deserved.




The future of engineering depends on people that will start working in our institute in the nearest future. Therefore our institute needs specialists of the highest rank. For over 10 years ONHP has been implementing the program “School-University-Enterprise” under which we cooperate with 11 sponsored schools and 5 Omsk universities. Technical classes are arranged in secondary educational institutions and it is not so easy to get a place in there. Juniors and seniors undertake summer internship in ONHP production departments. Very close cooperation is arranged with students of main specializations. Students undergo introductory internship, externship and on-the-job training, write undergraduate's and graduate’s thesises which are practically oriented and therefore valuable for university. The best specialists are awarded with an employment contract.


Go ahead!


At present over 100 specialists at the age up to 30 work in our institute. This year over 20 graduates underwent an official solemn admission ceremony and became young specialists of ONHP. They received notable badges which confirm their right to call themselves engineers. By tradition Igor M. ZUGA, Member of Council of the Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, gave instructions to young specialists:

-          Russian Federation is integrating into global market. New horizons open right in front of us – noted the Senator.

-          Innovative technologies are arriving. They require skilled personnel capable of implementing them. Our engineers represent the vanguard of Russian economy therefore Omsk region have all the chances to become the center of engineering. We have everything to implement this idea: technologies, skilled staff and support. High quality education shall become one of our main goals. ONHP claims itself to be an international engineering company. It is prestigious and demanding to work in ONHP.  Our young specialists are charged with a great responsibility. In 10 or 12 years you will be the guidance for newcomers. The future depends on you! I encourage you to keep on studying. It will help you make right decisions.  You should hold a pro-active attitude both in your profession and in your life. I wish you good luck in achieving the most ambitious goals!



It should be noted that huge amount of guests attend young specialists admission ceremony every year.  ONHP engineers, veterans, university and school students come to ONHP assembly hall to  get to know each other, make friends, feel themselves part of ONHP’s big united team.

As it has already been correctly said “Unfortunately, admission ceremony is only once a year”. But we have no reason to feel sad.  We anticipate new young specialists that will join the ranks of young specialists in 2013. These specialists will please their colleagues and guidance with new achievements at work. 

16 December 2011