What Can be Better Than Being a Student? Being an Engineer!

ONHP has launched a unique for its region education project for Omsk Universities’ students providing integration in company work process. Engineers-To-Bes become employees of a dedicated ONHP Interdisciplines Engineering Department and get a chance to work part-time.   


In 2014 the company signed cooperation agreements with a bunch of Omsk Universities. Juniors and Seniors (Third-, Fourth- and Fifth-Year Students) studying full-time set down to work in ONHP Interdisciplines Engineering Department. The company ensures that students have the most favorable conditions, namely a workstation and an opportunity to review documentation in ONHP archives and library. Engineers-To-Bes work on the projects and perform assignments in Autocad, SmartPlant 3D, Primavera Enterprise, Documentum etc. and participate in all corporate events. Such experience provides an opportunity to study technologies, get acquainted with applied software and get an employment in ONHP in the future.


Interdisciplines Engineering Department include students from Omsk State Technical University (Institute for Energy), Siberian State Automobile and Highway Academy (specialized in Industrial and Civil Engineering, Heat and Gas Supply and Ventilation, Production and Process Automation), Omsk State Agricultural University named after P.A. Stolypin (specialized in Agricultural Water Supply, Watering and Drainage Engineering Systems, Applied Geodesy) and Omsk State University n.a. F.M. Dostoevsky (specialized in Chemical Engineering). All together there are 54 workstations and as of today 15 students are already employed. As Ms. Anastasiya Redkina, Interdisciplines Engineering Department Head, notes, CVs from Omsk students are received almost daily. Based on the results of an interview, the most brilliant seniors will be invited for employment in ONHP Interdisciplines Engineering Department.  Special attention is paid to engineering education at regional level. Start-up of ONHP new department is a good practice-oriented example both for educational institutions and for employers.  

05 May 2014