Final corporate table tennis competition was held in ONHP. 15 company employees competed for the victory. Tennis fans demonstrated mastery in individual, pair and mixed games.

Traditional corporate tennis tournament, which coincided with ONHP 65 Anniversary, included more than 50 company employees. Playoffs in male and female individual, pair and mixed competitions were conducted for 3 summer months. In the end, 15 amateur tennis players reached the final games and fought for the victory last Saturday.

Despite the weekend, colleagues, friends and family members came to cheer tennis players. The participants didn’t let the fans down and demonstrated both mastery of the racket and spectacular, exciting game full of bright and cheerful emotions.

First place winners were awarded with a challenge cup. Second and third place winners got second and third degree diplomas.

Several types of tournaments in different sport categories are held every year. In addition to tennis, the tournaments list includes volleyball, football, swimming and chess. Such tournaments are a part of social company policy aimed at healthy lifestyle promotion.



List of winners among individual male players:

1st Place – Mr. N.A. Zadokhin

2nd place – Mr. R.R. Sabirov

3rd place – Mr. D.V. Vozhakov

List of winners among individual female players:

1st Place – Ms. T.S. Sadbekova

2nd place –Ms. T.V. Sedova

List of winners among pair male players:

1st Place – Mr. A.A. Lumpov, N.A. Zadokhin

2nd place – Mr. N.V. Dyakonov, Mr. R.R. Sabirov

3rd place – Mr. E.V.Emmert, Mr. V.D. Ovcharov

List of winners among mixed teams:

1st Place – Mr. D.V. Vozhakov, Ms. T.V. Sedova

2nd place – Ms. I.V. Vlasova, N.V. Dyakonov



10 September 2018