Altitudes that we achieve in the future are primarily determined by the people who we meet in the early stages of our lives. They are the ones who set the right vector of our development and professional successes and achievements of such people serve as an impetus for further growth.

Every year based on the results upon school year completion, a meeting between CEO and children of ONHP employees take place. 

This year such meeting was held on June 09 and by that time many of school students have already left the city for summer holidays. But those who stayed had a chance to share with Igor M. ZUGA their educational and other achievements, described their plans for the summer and for new schoolyear.  

In the course of the meeting, school students were awarded by ONHP with Letters of Appreciation and money rewards for good performance in education, diligence and personal leadership.

It should be noted that six children of ONHP employees pass summer practice in ONHP this year and we are pretty sure that it will not take a lot of time for today school student to enter the front rows of ONHP engineers, to get acquainted with engineering profession and make their choice in life and in their career.

10 June 2018