It is a long-standing tradition for ONHP to hold annual personnel meetings aimed at summarizing work results and this year was not an exception. We resumed the achievements of 2017 and announced perspective plans of key business areas development. As highlighted by Mr. Igor M. ZUGA, ONHP CEO, increase of work quality and efficiency as well as high responsibility level of each and every employee are the foundations stones for further successful growth of the company.

In the anniversary year ONHP faces the future with especially high sense of responsibility, outlining vectors of further development. Since 1953, the company has passed a number of historically significant milestones and each of them caused integration of corresponding changes.

Throughout all 65 years ONHP OIL & GAS ENGINEERING has been the key activity of the company. In 2017 pursuant to company motto "Today already we have been successfully implementing things which others would just start dreaming about tomorrow", one of the most promising areas, DIGITAL & TECHOLOGY SOLUTIONS (digitalization), has been formed on the basis of key business unit. With 12 years of experience in 3D modeling, last year ONHP reached a new level - the company started to create digital information models for Greenfield and Brownfield projects. Today a list of requirements and an optimal set of digital information model attributes for existing facilities has been formed and an algorithm for creating digital information models has been fully developed. Moreover, ONHP completed a draft project upon the request of Gazprom Neft JSC. Up until now, digital information model created by ONHP engineers has been successfully integrated into the Client data management system.

2017 is significant for the company due to the launch of the first EPCM-project. The transfer from project engineering to construction engineering took more than 10 years. During this period, material and technical resources have been significantly enriched, a professional team of specialists with all the necessary competencies for implementing EPC projects has been formed taking into account possible levels of complexity, quality management system has been brought into compliance with international requirements.

The business direction called OFFSHORE ENGINEERING originally specializing in the revamp of offshore oil production platforms has been developing steadily since 2015. Company adaptability allows expanding its competencies, entering new gas production facilities and developing oil fields.

Till 2017 LAND & MARINE SPATIAL PLANNING business unit has been developing in a segregated manner both from office localization point of view and projects focus. Now ONHP sets an ambitious strategic goal to take a confident position as the leading Russian company specializing in the development of urban planning documentation for the areas with special environmental conditions, taking into account their significance and possibility of using them for the development of hydrocarbon resources. The last point allows reckoning upon achieving a synergistic effect for LAND & MARINE SPATIAL PLANNING as well as for a key business direction (OIL & GAS ENGINEERING).

In the past and present, and well into the future ONHP has been a socially-oriented company, implementing different projects, including healthcare and education facilities design, projects related to Omsk area landscaping and improving.

The social focus of ONHP activity unites special attitude to corporate culture strengthening, a greater attention to health, quality of life for employees and their families as well as company long-service employees. "Health engineering" is a new internal social project of ONHP, which aims at further development of its own health unit, construction of an in-house dietary nutrition restaurant, revamp of gym with fitness area development and many other similar projects.

ONHP feel confident about the future and is ready to solve extraordinary engineering tasks and to implement new ambitious projects, as far as ONHP is a team of professionals, a cohesive community of co-thinkers and our motto is "Together and in time!"


25 April 2018