Solemn reception for company veterans, dedicated to the Day of Elderly, was held in ONHP. Company management arranged a meeting with young specialists and a tour to production departments for those who were ONHP pioneers and contributed many years of work into company prosperity.  

ONHP pay special attention to employees who have been working for many years in the company and now are on a well-deserved rest. Despite the fact that many of them are already in retirement for a long time, they actively participate in ONHP life. Special meetings are arranged for the veterans, they are invited to corporate events such as Company meetings, Saturday clean-ups and first nights of ONHP theater studio.

Receptions dedicated to the Day of Elderly are traditional. For veterans such events are not just an option to communicate with each other, but also an opportunity to meet young people and share knowledge with them. It is not a secret, claim honored employees that modern technologies and technical capabilities of the company almost exclude "manual" work. Despite this, young engineers are always happy to get advice from those, who designed the largest oil refineries in our country by their own bare hands without engagement of high-tech.

03 October 2017