ONHP Test & Lab Center: quality and competence

Independent assessment of Urals Scientific Research Institute of Metrology which is branch of All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Metrology named after D. I. Mendeleev confirmed the high quality of ONHP Test & Lab Center technical competence.

ONHP Test & Lab Center participated in qualification testing through interlaboratory comparison to identify the crushability of gravel according to GOST 8269.0-97. As a result of the testing, the high degree of ONHP Test & Lab Center technical competence, in particular, construction materials testing laboratory, was confirmed. 

ONHP Test & Lab Center has extensive capabilities, it consists of three laboratories: geotechnical laboratory, construction materials laboratory, construction instrument-aided control laboratory. The main distinguishing characteristic of ONHP Test & Lab Center is a competence and independence within work performance. Test & Lab Center equipment allows carrying out a full range of various tests: physical and mechanical properties of soils, groundwater tests as a part of engineering and geological surveys, chemical analysis of ground water, soil and ground water tests as a part of environmental engineering surveys, construction materials laboratory analysis, concrete strength evaluation, a full analysis of sand and gravel, instrument-aided structural survey.

ONHP Test & Lab Center is, first of all, the high qualification of specialists with all the necessary competencies in testing. Test & Lab Center specialists have wide experience in conducting expert works, constantly acquire the latest methods of study, ensuring the high quality of work performance. 


09 April 2020