ONHP and Novoshakhtinsk Oil-Product Plant set new records

ONHP works to develop Project Design and Detailed Design Documentation for Novoshakhtinsk Oil-Product Plant (NOPP) JSC CDU/VDU-2,5 (II) are coming to the end.  

This ambitious project focused on plant capacity increase shows record deadlines of project implementation for Russia: less than a year between the beginning of designing works and start-up.

Process unit is planned to be constructed within the first phase of investment program to upgrade NOPP refining capacities.

According to ONHP designing technology Project Design documentation was developed in parallel with Detailed Design documentation. Project Design documentation underwent expert review by “Glavgosekspertiza of Russia” which issued positive conclusion.

Professional teamwork of NOPP and ONHP enabled both to significantly reduce time of equipment manufacture and supply and quickly proceed with construction. Nowadays piles have been already driven at CDU/VDU-2,5 (II) construction site and the foundation is being executed.

With due regard to high performance of cooperation between Novoshakhtinsk Oil-Product Plant and ONHP under this project realization, the companies intend to continue joint activities when implementing the second phase of investment program to upgrade NOPP refining capacities. The second phase of the program will be focused on improving fuels environmental parameters and producing Euro-5 diesel fuels. 

19 December 2014