On March 1, in the scope of IV International Conference "Downstream Russia-2018: construction and modernization of oil refineries, gas processing and petrochemical plants" ONHP hosted a technical visit. More than one hundred top-managers and representatives of leading oil and gas refineries, equipment and materials manufacturers, process designers and developers of software products from Russia, CIS and foreign countries participated in discussions organized by ONHP together with Gazprom avtomatizatsiya JSC on digitalization and improving the efficiency of management system. Mr. Oleg VARAKIN, EPC-Projects Implementation Department Head, Gazprom avtomatizatsiya JSC, Mr. Igor ZUGA, ONHP CEO, Mr. Vasiliy CHUGUNOV, Gazprom Neft-SM-OZSM CEO, technical visit experts, set the tone of the event.  

The main topic of "Downstream Russia-2018: construction and modernization of oil refineries, gas processing and petrochemical plants” as highlighted by Mr. Igor M. ZUGA, covers the fact that modern refineries have already reached the international level of production quality and, speaking of increasing competitiveness, today we must speak first of all about efficiency and improving the quality of management in general". Efficiency consists of many factors. Rephrasing Henry Ford, "efficiency is not everything, but in everything there is efficiency", - believes Mr. Igor M. ZUGA.

What makes efficiency? What are the efficiency management methods? These and other issues related to digitalization formed the basis for the discussion that took place at ONHP during a technical visit organized by ONHP together with “Gazprom avtomatizatsiya” JSC.

The event caused genuine professional interest and received support from the participants. Importance and applicability of the issues raised at the discussion site, namely effective management of assets, management quality the factors to increase company competitiveness, digitalization in the local and global understanding and the implementation-dependent indicators, as well as the special atmosphere of the event, caused bright positive feedback.

As highlighted by Mr. Igor M. ZUGA, the technical visit will go down in the history of cooperation between ONHP and “Gazprom avtomatizatsiya” JSC as a significant event, being a good example of partnership relations development which in real life demonstrates the model of successful cooperation between our companies and implementation of signed Agreement on Cooperation in the Scientific and Technical sphere provisions. "The document only laid the foundations of this kind of relations, and joint participation in projects of scientific and technical direction, in summits, conferences, organization and holding of discussion platforms with the involvement of experts from both sides - will help to establish business partnership more effectively," believes Mr. Igor M. ZUGA.

05 March 2018