ONHP CEO, Mr. Igor M.ZUGA congratulated ONHP veterans with an International Day of Older Persons. “This Year which is an Anniversary Year for the company, I would like to express special gratitude and appreciation for your invaluable contribution in ONHP development and improvement. You are a generation of soviet engineers the role model of professional behavior for contemporary generation of designers”- highlighted Mr. Igor M. ZUGA in his speech.

With more than 65 years of experience ONHP designed thousands of complex facilities in oil refining and petrochemical sphere. To make this come true, it was required to contribute dedicated work, best professional competences, commitment to high quality and traditions, endless search of new opportunities for development of specialists, who have worked in the company for many years. Today they transfer their experience and competences to new generation of ONHP engineers. “You have bright memories of the years past and wisdom of life which you share generously with us and with your nearest and dearest. From my side, I would like to wish you sound health, prosperity and well-being, comprehensive and interesting life for many years ahead!” – noted Mr. Igor M. ZUGA in his congratulation speech.

01 October 2018