Starting from August 13, tutors of Singapore's Educare International Consultancy will hold trainings for Omsk teachers, school counselors and headmasters. During one week they will conduct different seminars and sessions. The program of professional and career development is organized within the practical implementation of the Memorandum on Cooperation signed by the Omsk Ministry of Education, ONHP and Singapore Company.

Singaporeans are ready to introduce to Omsk citizens the educational technologies for teacher’s professional development, which carry weight for the level of schoolchildren knowledge as well as the younger generation willingness to meet the challenges of modern life. "We will share the best world practices that Singapore has successfully adapted. They absolutely correspond to the Russian conditions and circumstances," the president of the Singapore Union of Teachers said. Mike Tiruman personally will come to Omsk to manage and conduct training sessions.

The program will start in ONHP on August 13 and last until August 18. 160 educational system specialists from the city and the region will participate in one of the largest educational projects. Not only teachers are included in the list of participants, but also school headmasters, their assistants, as well as specialists from School for Advanced Studies. Professional management development is a program of methodical leadership. As for teachers, they will be involved in the pilot training on the "Effective methods to develop students' skills of the 21st century" subject.

In September, teachers will widely put obtained knowledge to use and will present video lessons for the scoring. As the result of selection, twenty teachers will continue their training with awarding the certificates of tutors in the end of October. They will gain the right to acquaint colleagues with famous world teaching methods and, in this way, to spread experience among as many teachers as possible.

It is to be recalled that the Omsk region head, Alexander Burkov, and ONHP CEO, Igor Zuga, discussed the prolongation of the region's cooperation with Educare International Consultancy. Their discussion was a part of the International Economic Forum held in St. Petersburg in May 2018. Alexander Burkov bought the idea of innovative investments for Omsk school that was supposed by Igor Zuga.

- The economic future of the planet initiates the formation of a new educational system of the XXI century. To meet the growing global demand for technically savvy and highly qualified specialists, it is extremely important to apply advanced technologies in schools and to turn to the blue-sky thinking and ground breaking ideas. Our company is interested in hiring specialists who are trained in the best way; therefore we supported the project for retraining Omsk teachers. It is our contribution to the brainpower of the region, ONHP investment in the future," Igor Zuga, ONHP CEO, highlighted. 

09 August 2018