Engineers of the World, Unite!

In the framework of the international cooperation this summer foreign students took their field internship in our institute. The third year students of Atyrau Oil and Gas Institute Ablaykhan Ersainovich, Nail Nazimovich and Aziza Alexeevna with the speciality in Chemical Technology enjoyed the privilege to be the first guests from the friendly Republic of Kazakhstan. They arrived headed by the Head of the International Relations Department of Atyrau Oil and Gas Institute Elvira B. Zhunusova, PhD in Technical Sciences.

For their internship Ablaykhan Ersainovich and Nail Nazimovich were directed to the integration technological department where they got familiar with the 3D project planning of technological complexes and facilities and off-site facilities. Aziza Alexeevna had her internship in the processing department where she had a chance to improve her skills of modelling of technological processes using HYSYS software product.

Since the first days of internship the students turned out to be well-prepared and ambitious workers with an insatiable passion for project planning. They dedicated the greater part of their time to work but managed to complete their cultural programme as well. And Nail Nazimovich took part in the table tennis battles on a regular basis.

Accompanied by our young specialists they visited the fortress of Omsk, the library named after Pushkin, the embankment of the Irtysh river, the park of the 30th anniversary of the All-Union Leninist Young Communist League. They took part in the opening of the labour season of Omsk Regional Students’ Teams.

Also the young people participated in the events dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Igor M. Zuga, General Director of ONHP, and Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Omsk region, Chairman of the Education, Science, Culture and Youth Policy Committee and presented him an original gift.

Together with the young specialists of ONHP the guests learned about the city industry. They visited Omsk Oil Refinery Plant and the Institute of Problems of Hydrocarbons Processing. They learned about the past and present of the plants such as Omsk Rubber, OmskTechUglerod, Omskshina and many other enterprises of our city.

Currently there are the third year students of Atyrau Oil and Gas Institute studying the speciality of Chemical Technology, Saga Beysenbay-uly, Murat Suleymenovich and Nursultan Maratovich, taking their field intership.

Before the departure the students of the first season packed carefully their valuable load of knowledge and practical skills they had acquired at ONHP. They promised they would be back.

Through the programme of international cooperation the students from Atyrau acquired a vast experience of project planning at one of the leading Russian engineering institutes and made new friends.

22 June 2012