Traditional autumn Saturday clean-up day was held in ONHP aimed at treatment of area adjacent to ONHP office as well as bordering neighborhood - Kindergarten No. 283, Petukhov square and other regions. Company employees, their family members and friends took active part in this ecological campaign. 

Every year in spring and in autumn ONHP runs ecological campaigns aimed at cleaning the area around the company building and adjacent territory. For company employees it is not just regular corporate clean-up days. It is a company investment into improvement of hometown appearance, some kind of “ONHP for clean Omsk” campaign with participation of top management, company veterans, company specialists, members of families and their friends.  

Last weekend company employees took part in Saturday clean-up day, improving the area adjacent to ONHP office as well as areas on the access to Soviet Park, Petukhov square, Kindergarten No. 283 and neighboring area. As a result, in a few hours, company employees managed to clean the loans, prepare for the winter tree crowns and bushes putting away dry and broken branches, refresh the fences and gather about a hundred bags of garbage.

All together Saturday Clean-up day was attended by 80 thousand of Omsk citizens. Soviet region became the most active one at Saturday clean-up day thanks to ONHP support.




07 October 2018