Developing International Relations

In the period between 18.06.12. and 06.07.12. ONHP opened the second season of field internship for the third year students of Atyrau Oil and Gas Institute of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the speciality in Chemical Technology: Murat S. Kurmangaliev, Nursultan M. Jumagaziev and Sagi B. Bekbaev. M.S. Kurmangaliev and N.M. Jumagaziev took their internship in the integration technological department and S.B. Bekbaev did it in the processing department.

Since their first day of work they proved to be hard-workers determined to succeed and grow as engineers. In the course of the internship they got new skills of modelling of technological processes in HYSYS process modelling environment and experience of work with AutoCAD software product.

Together with General Director of ONHP Igor M. Zuga the students from Atyrau visited the Consulate of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Omsk where they discussed the cooperation between Russia and Kazakhstan and the perspective of the externship in ONHP with Consul Eldar A. Kunaev and Vice-Consul Urlan N. Abdybekov.

The students also learned the history of Omsk. Together with the young specialists from ONHP they visited the fortress of Omsk, the Omsk Natives Military Glory Museum Complex, visited the square of Bukhgolts who founded the fortress of Omsk, saw the place of junction of two rivers Irtysh and Om and made their wishes on km 0. They watched the play “Don’t Leave Your Loved Ones” at Omsk Youth Theatre. They gave a brilliant performance at the theatre club of our institute. They took part in a football friendly match between the teams of students and young specialists and visited a football practice.

Answering the question about their impressions of the visit they told it was a great experience. They mentioned the good organization of work, discipline and the high professional level of the institute specialists. They will remember the nice city with green street and friendly people, the city to come back again to.

We wish our new friends to succeed in their studies and their work.

Council of Young Specialists of ONHP.

11 July 2012