The first meeting, initiating “Generational bridge” cycle, was held in ONHP with Mr. Vyacheslav Khabibulovich AKAEV, a company long-service employee and gold nominee whose name is written in company Honor Book. The event was attended by company Project Chief Engineers, specialists, long-service employees and students of partner universities. Nobody was left untouched by this meeting: for ONHP veterans it was a great opportunity to recall years of teamwork while for current ONHP employees and students it was invaluable professional experience.

In the year of company anniversary, young professionals suggested to hold a series of meetings with ONHP veterans, with those, who contributed many efforts in their work in Omskneftekhimproekt and together with their business team created facilities that are now the pride of oil and gas chemical industry. The first meeting of this kind was conducted with participation of Mr. Vyacheslav Kh. AKAEV.

Mr. AKAEV is well known in professional circles far beyond Omsk region. In 1979 he became a Project Chief Engineer who contributed many efforts in the development and establishment of Achinsk refinery, Khabarovsk refinery, Komsomolsk refinery and other refineries in Russia. His unique designer style to communicate with clients and colleagues, broad mind, the highest level of expertise and capability to work hard are the key to professional success and unquestioned authority as a Project Chief Engineer.

Mr. AKAEV work as a PCE recalls the fondest memories. And these are not only words, his great contribution is confirmed by the Letter of Appreciation received by ONHP CEO, Mr. Igor M. ZUGA from Achinsk Refinery VNK General Director, Mr. Alexey A. DEMAKHIN.

In the Letter of Appreciation it is written that "In this year, rich for ONHP in significant events, please accept my warmest greetings on behalf of Achinsk Refinery personnel and me personally, on your company 65th anniversary and on Mr. Vyacheslav Kh. AKAEV, a PCE of several facilities at Achinsk refinery, 80th Birthday! It is rather symbolical that anniversary of Design Institute and Birthday of an honored and respected employee is celebrated not only in the same year, but also in the same month. It is people, who create company background, brick by brick, who, by their own efforts and contribution, win the best projects for company prosperity. Substantive part of Omskneftekhimproekt chronicles is written by Mr. Vyacheslav Kh. AKAEV personally…The company headed by you, Mr. ZUGA, distinguishes itself from a number of others by uniting the strongest ones, those who can predict the future, who can offer non-typical engineering decisions. This is exactly the image of Mr. AKAEV, remembered and respected till now at Achinsk Refinery, ties with which are strong even now. Nearly four decades ago he started his work on the main facilities of the youngest oil refinery in USSR".

Mr. Vyacheslav Kh. AKAEV was praised with a Letter of Appreciation presented by ONHP Chief Engineer, Mrs. Lyubov Ya. DERYABINA and congratulations from Khabarovsk refinery highlighting high professional skills of company PCEs cooperating with refinery in different decades.   

28 April 2018