ONHP Young Professionals Council established a Mentorship School for university students working in ONHP part-time. Next 3 months they will get acquainted with all the tricks of mentorship and will learn how to communicate with teenagers, how to inspire and motivate them, how to pass experience and teach the basis of engineering profession. ONHP students will have an opportunity to show themselves as supervisors in the course of June and July summer on-the-job-practice conducted for Omsk high school students.

Mentorship practice has been successfully applied in ONHP since company establishment and has become a long-standing tradition followed by many generations. All young professionals are guided and supervised by the more experienced ONHP employees in the frame of "School-University-Company" program aimed at professional engineering personnel training. Every year ONHP is enriched with Omsk universities graduates, which join the rows of young professionals. All of them overcome a settlement period working under the guidance of skilled engineers, integrating into the company system and increasing professional competence. And once this three-year period is successfully completed, young professionals get the right of independent work. Same approach is applied for ONHP university students working by flexible schedule. They are also assigned with a supervisor, which lead and guide them.

Similar practice is used for high school students undergoing summer on-the-job-training. Each high school student gets his personal supervisor from young professionals or graduate students. To establish fruitful collaboration the potential supervisors undergo special training to become a real leader in the frame of mentorship school. Future supervisors get acquainted with psychology of teens, learn how to communicate and share their professional knowledge, how to work as a unified team and prevent any conflict situations. As highlighted by Mrs. Svetlana I. ALEKSEEVA, HR Department Head, “a lot of computer programs and technologies nowadays can teach you, but no computer program can establish your perception of the world”. "Values are transferred from one person to another, so, mentorship is a unique system and ONHP will continue to develop and improve it" stated Mrs. Svetlana I. ALEKSEEVA.


28 March 2018