Our work

We represent a high-tech company capable of solving any technological task in the field of oil refining, petrochemicals, gas refining, gas chemistry, and general chemistry.

Since 1953 ONHP specialists have designed more than 3 500 industrial facilities. More than 25 million square meters are built up upon ONHP's projects. In 2014 in Saint-Petersburg new ONHP's branch was opened Research Engineering Center for Area Development and Maritime Spatial Planning.

Company's profile:

    • Integrated design of facilities for companies operating in oil refining, petrochemical industry, gas refining and chemical industry;
    • Carrying out of design and survey works for construction of new industrial and civil facilities and the expansion, reconstruction, retooling, and modernization of the existing ones;
    • Participation in the provision of the customers’ construction sites with equipment, products and materials, check out, and start up;
    • Field and engineering supervision of designed buildings, structures, and facilities;
    • Spatial planning;
    • Maritime spatial planning;
    • Development of projects regarding investment and strategic territories development.

    We, ONHP, focus on global market. In the last five years, we have proved our reliability as a high-tech design company. Currently, the management of ONHP is evaluating the idea of creating a full-range engineering company for subcontracting within the oil refining and petrochemicals industry. The management, design, and production capacities of the planned engineering company should give us opportunity to carry out the following projects:

    • Large-scale high-tech projects in the oil refining and petrochemical industry according to the EPC/PMC scheme;
    • Turnkey portfolios of small and medium projects for key assets support of oil refining and petrochemical enterprises.