30 July 2012 в 12:00
Opening of a Sports Ground

The members of WorkOut programme and the representatives of “The Street Sports!” movement impressed numerous spectators present at the sports ground opening with their force, agility and resistance during their performance. They hold a master class, showed some difficult strength elements which can be performed on the facilities of the sports ground. Very young sportsmen were very excited about the event and tried to repeat the exercises done by their elder friends. Everybody was moved by this beautiful and healthy interest of the young generation. The event was closed with a memorable sports initiative, a friendly volleyball match between the street team and the picked team of ONHP composed of the institute employees, young specialists and schoolchildren taking their field internship at the institute. The match attracted a lot of supporters and sports fans, the audience followed passionately the game. The competition was tough. The teams did not lose a ball and the play-offs finished with a minimal margin. The newly formed street team showed a brilliant physical training and a good team play, however the fifth play-off became a conqueror and the ONHP team won (3:2 according to the play-offs results). At the end of the game the teams thanked each other for the interesting game and the audience for their support and the festive mood they brought. All participants got a great dose of energy and amazing mood!